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Here's What Social Funnels Is All About:

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Social Funnels

Automatically Turns Any Web Page (even if it
isn't yours) Into A Virally Shared Lead Capture
Page That Builds Your List Overnight

Here's How It Works:

Step 1

Find Web Content

Social Funnels allows you to add your custom opt-in pop-up box to almost ANY piece of content published on the web!

All you need to do is find content to share! You can use almost any article, video, infographic, blog post, or forum - Social Funnels will use advanced technology to add your custom opt-in box to any web URL.

Step 2

Add Lead Magnet

When you will have the fishing rod - the content - you will need a bait. A lead magnet you can give away to your audience.

Use any eBook, PDF guide, download, coupon, gift card giveaway, or physical product - anything your audience will be interested in will work!

If you have nothing - just use a PLR product!

Step 3

Set Up The Campaign

After choosing the content you want to share and picking a free gift or lead magnet to entice opt-ins, you'll create a custom campaign using Social Funnels fill-in-the-blank system.

Your campaign includes your opt-in pop-up and a landing page that requires traffic to share the content you select before getting access to your free gift or lead magnet.

Step 4

Click Start And Watch Your List Grow

Social Funnels automatically integrates a two-step opt-in with your autoresponder so all you need to do is click START and watch your list grow.

Because Social Funnels requires your audience to share content (with your opt-in pop-up on it) before getting access to your lead magnet, your audience ends up working for you and you pay nothing for traffic.

Witness How Easy It Is To Use Social Funnels To
Create An Unstoppable Free Traffic Campaign:

This "Pay Nothing For Traffic" Method Is
The Perfect Way To A 100% Legal No Cost
Email List. Here's Why It Works So Well:

Social Funnels creates a viral sharing engine using that allows your lead magnet to spread like wildfire.

Every single time you find a subscriber who chooses to opt-in to receive your lead magnet or gift, the chance of shares and opt-ins increases exponentially.

No other plugin allows this type of traffic building scale, customization or flexibility: All you need to do is give your audience something for free in exchange for both their email address and their willingness to share content.

And most important - Social Funnels are 100% TOS compliant with all social networks!

After Opt-In, Visitors Will
Spread Your Campaign
For You!

With one click, visitors can share a custom link that tracks the number of people they’ve encouraged to join and with every share, your list building power multiplies.

And all you need to do is set up your campaign and click “start…”

Remember - you can change everything so it fits your business!

It's up to you whether you want to give something to visitors who opted in (deliver the gift through the first follow up message), or just give them the ability to see the viral page for their optin.

Possibilities are endless here!

Everything You Need To Start Building Your
List Today Is Included:

Campaign Creation Dashboard

Follow the included step-by-step wizard in the campaign creation dashboard to turn the first piece of content you find in your niche into an automated subscriber generation machine.

Easy To Use Interface

Social Funnels uses advanced technology to turn any content on the web into your very own lead generation page, but it doesn't require a degree in computer science to understand.

Tutorial Support

We're here to help! Follow the full Social Funnels tutorial to get up and running in minutes. We'll show you what to do step-by-step.

Customisable Templates

Take control of fully customisable opt-in pop-up templates. Edit content and design to support your campaign goals and niche requirements.

Full Campaign Control

Decide how many seconds before the pop-up displays, set the number of shares required for lead magnet access, change text, style - everything is in your control.

Complete Autoresponder Integration

Social Funnels integrates with every major autoresponder automatically updating your list with subscribers.

You can use AWeber, GetResponse, SendReach, GVO Mail, Constant Contact or any other autoresponder of your choice!

One-Click Campaign Creation

With the single-click bookmarklet feature, you can use an existing Social Funnels campaign to set up a new campaign in seconds. Once you have your campaign settings created, you just have to click, and share to collect new leads.

Retargeting Integration

Open your marketing arsenal to new options with support for Facebook and other platforms retargeting pixels. Have your audience share content for you and use those shares to create Website Custom Audiences for pinpoint targeting and re-marketing.

WordPress Compatibility

All you need is a new or existing website running WordPress. DOn't have WordPress yet? Don't worry. Our tutorial will get you up to speed.

Forget About Solo Ads, Cost Per Click, Boosted
Posts And Paid Traffic. This Is List Building On
Overdrive Without Paying For Traffic!

Social Funnels integrates two important list building features into one easy-to-use plug-in that come together and allow you to build your list WITHOUT paying for any type of traffic.

For the very first time, you can put your pop-up opt-in window on almost ANY piece of web content AND require viral sharing to unlock the lead magnet on the other side of the opt-in box.

Taking advantage of this powerful viral list building strategy requires no technical knowledge, current skill, or complicated learning process. All you need to do is click below, get access, and follow the step-by-step tutorial to start building a list of subscribers for free.

When You Order Today, You Also Get Access
To A Complete Set Of Video Training Bonuses

Discover exactly how easy it is to create a Social Funnels campaign. Follow along as we show you the exact techniques and strategies we used to build a list of over 27,000 subscribers with just 5 minutes of work using Social Funnels.

Learn what your audience wants and find out how to create the perfect lead magnet offer or “bribe” to get them to join your list. An idea opt-in “bribe” will create viral buzz as more and more people share the content with your opt-in pop-up displayed.

We’ll show you how we are consistently turning $1 of investment into $3 over and over again with one simple and powerful retargeting trick. If you just follow this one trick, you can increase the money you make from your list by 300%!

You’ll need traffic to get started – maybe just 1 or 2 targeted visitors who will be eager to share the content you use for your opt-in. We’ll show you the best places to find seed traffic  and how to get your campaign started and shared in under 2 minutes.

Are You Ready To Turn Any Webpage Into Your
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Social Funnels

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Is this 100% legal?

    Yes, Social Funnels is 100% legal, because you are not stealing any content. Technology we use is a 100% legal and ethical method of leveraging content from other websites. Since you are not hosting the content (you are just pointing to it) – it makes it legal.

  • Is this a monthly recurring product?

    No! You only have to pay once for Social Funnels and you’re set for life! You will also get updates and upgrades for free!

  • Do you provide customer support? Can I contact you with questions?

    Of course! You can always send us a ticket to our support center and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, the included tutorials answer most all questions.

  • Do I need a Wordpress in order to use Social Funnels?

    Yes, Social Funnels is a WordPress plugin, and you will need a WordPress installation to start building a list. If you already have WordPress installed you will be able to add Social Funnels. If you’ve never used WordPress, we will guide through the installation process.

Take A Look At What These Experienced
Marketers Had To Say After Building A List
With Social Funnels:

As someone who creates funnels all the time, this was one of the simplest pieces of used. Installation and execution was easy, and the training was step-by-step enough for a beginner to understand everything. The bonus traffic training definitely helps turn this simple plugin into a behemoth when building your list. I'd recommend adding Social Funnels to your arsenal.

David Schloss

Great way to build a list and provide value to your subscribers. Simple to use!

Gonzalo Paternoster

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